Friday, July 21, 2006


It is a sad commentary that our society requires you to wear a helmet to ride a motorcycle, and have a permit to put a deck on your home, and be licensed to drive a motor vehicle, but allows everyone to have children without question.

Isn’t it interesting that more than a few of those Americans being rescued from Lebanon are complaining about the transportation and accommodations?

Why is it that when terrorists, like Hezbollah and al Qaeda, hide behind innocent men, women and children, and some of those innocents are killed or injured, liberals don’t blame the terrorists, but instead blame those the terrorists are attacking?

Does it ever bug you that when a dog viciously attacks and injures a person, the dog is put to death, but when a pedophile rapes a child they often get only a light sentence?

Why does the Left want to save the whales and the trees and the wetlands, and protect terrorists and criminals, but not embryos and fetuses or American traditions?

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