Friday, July 21, 2006

Just Desserts

Virginia executed a rapist/murderer yesterday. On days like that my state makes me proud. My Governor, Tim Kaine, a Democrat, also made me proud. He denied clemency for Brandon Hedrick, a 27-year-old degenerate who raped and murdered a young mother.

“I pray for everybody that believes in Jesus Christ in heaven and I pray for the people that are unsaved, that they will accept Christ because they know not what they do and will accept Christ one day,” the pervert said just before being executed. That’s a nice sentiment. It looks like Hedrick found the Lord somewhere along the path from rape and murder to meeting his deserved fate.

Or did he? You can excuse his rambling incoherence; he was about to die after all. But did you notice that he didn’t say he was sorry for raping and killing an innocent human being and for taking a young child’s mother from him? In my book, that’s evidence not of religious conversion, but of bargaining for a cooler seat in eternity.

Hedrick is the first person electrocuted in the Commonwealth since 2003. Virginia gives its condemned miscreants the choice of electrocution or lethal injection. Hedrick chose the chair over the gurney, his attorney said, because he thinks Hedrick was afraid of dying by lethal injection. Electrocution isn’t a pretty thing, and it isn’t painless. That’s why it is such a good choice for murderers and rapists. Hedrick was maybe a little stupid in addition to being a vicious bastard who was unable to get a woman except by force.

After being dispatched from this life by an Earthly hot seat, Hedrick is now enjoying the fruits of his foul labors in a hot seat in Hell. Good riddance.

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