Saturday, July 22, 2006

Crazy Americans

I love my country. America has its problems, and the American people have their problems, but the United States is still the best country on Earth, and the American people are among the best people on Earth, with generosity unparalled anywhere.

Among the problems Americans have is that some of us have little ability to reason, and others of us are spoiled and unable to deal with adversity. These two dubious characteristics combine to produce such things as the recent attitude of Americans in Lebanon.

When you are in a foreign country, all bets are off for your being safe. Our government cannot even guarantee our individual safety here at home, and in fact is not supposed to do that. The possibility of the U.S. government protecting its citizens when they are in other countries is no more than a fairy tale. We—not our government—are responsible to use common sense and due caution in our daily lives to keep ourselves out of harms way.

Is there is a more potentially dangerous place in the world than the present day Middle East? Living in Lebanon, or Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or Iraq or Syria, or Egypt today is taking a big chance with life and limb. So, the reaction of some of those Americans who had to be rescued from Lebanon is not only curious, it is preposterous. They complain that accommodations on the ships and other means of transportation are inadequate and uncomfortable. Some of those having their dumb butts carried to safety by ship are upset that they didn’t have clean sheets, or enough to drink. They complain that they weren’t rescued quickly enough.

Here’s a message for them: Shut up and be thankful that you are not still in Lebanon. You chose to go there, it’s your own fault you were in trouble, and we’re tired of your whining and sniveling.

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