Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why Aren’t You Angry?

Why aren’t you angry at your government’s gross negligence securing our borders? Why aren’t you incensed that millions of people have come to our country illegally, some of them criminals, most of them running up costs to state and local governments, few of them paying their way? Why aren’t you furious that with the ease of getting into the United States it is only a miracle that some number of terrorists haven’t sneaked in and carried out attacks on you and me? Or maybe they have and we just haven’t seen the results of their work.

Why aren’t you enraged that so many convicted sex offenders are turned lose on society, free to rape and kill? Why do you so placidly allow judges to under-sentence these dangerous scumbags without comment or action? How many times recently have we seen these degenerates fail to follow the puny rules of probation or the requirement to register with law enforcement officials, and then rape or kill an innocent woman or child?

What is wrong with Americans? Have we become so “tolerant” that we have become stupid and hypnotized?

I think so.

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Unknown said...

James, apparently spending time voting on a goddamned gay marriage amendment is more important than say... wide open borders, health care, a 250 Billion a week war... on and on...

WORTHLESS pieces of shits...

If the President or Congress were to actually listen to Americans... instead of NARROW political bases, there would be a tide of rationality sweeping through the country, nay, the world.

Unknown said...

Wait.. maybe I was too angry and used too much profanity... Oooops!!!