Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ding Dong the Pig is Dead!
Allah be Praised!

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the wanton murderer of dozens of innocent men, women and children, the Jordanian miscreant who came to Iraq to kill fellow Muslims and behead innocents in the name of Allah, is dead.

Allah be praised.

Apparently, death came quickly and without warning. Too bad. Anyone who has inflicted as much pain and horror on others as this thug deserves to know that he is about to die, and have time to think about that. He deserves to have lots of
pain and wish he were dead for several hours before relief comes.

Zarqawi escaped his just desserts yesterday, and though it would give me great satisfaction to know that he will live a long uncomfortable life in an 8x12 room with no contact with human beings except when he sees someone deliver his meager meals, I’m thrilled that the bastard is dead.

So are millions of others, including Iraqis and even his fellow Jordanians, who have repudiated his evil. He is no martyr; he is just one more dead murderer.
The war isn’t over. The killing isn’t over. But this is a serious blow to the terrorists trying to tear Iraq apart.

I won’t even dignify the Left’s idiocy with comments. You know the drill: Let’s pull out and leave the Iraqis hanging. If Bush were competent we’d
have had Zarqawi and bin Laden and Zawahiri and Hitler … Showing pictures of the dead is against the Geneva Conventions. You know: Idiocy.

Let’s just celebrate that justice has been done to one evil crud and enjoy and revel in the moment.

Update: Zarqawi was alive and on a gurney when American forces arrived on the scene, and therefore understood what had happened to him. Reportedly, he tried to roll off the gurney to escape. We have the added satisfaction of knowing that Zarqawi knew he had been found and killed by the United States. Perhaps that reality will dawn on his murderous brethren.


TexasFred said...

1 down, many more to go...

James Shott said...

Yes, indeed, but apparently there were additional actions that found a bunch more of them.

I heard the figure on the news last night that we have thus far killed more than 200 al-Qaeda operatives.

Buffalo said...

How do you spell martyr?

James Shott said...

There seems to be a difference of opinion about martyrdom for Zarqawi. Some say he's a martyr--mostly the nutty Muslims who favor killing people who don't agree with them.

The rest of us--including many Muslims, including Jordanians (Zarqawi's home)--see him as a murderous scum deserving not of marty status, but of ignominy.

Bushwack said...

Freds on point here, one down. thats all.

James Shott said...

Yes, Zarqawi is in one way just one guy, and there are plenty more where he came from. But he is more that just one guy. He was the most vicious barbarian in Iraq, he has killed hundreds or thousands of innocent people, most of whom are fellow Muslims.

He is a big prize, and we ought not to minimize his death.