Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ann Coulter

What does a reasonable conservative say about Ann Coulter?

Initially, my comment was that Miss Coulter is unnecessarily harsh in her comments. I think you can make the same points that Miss Coulter makes without being as vitriolic as she is.

However, I find that while I don’t really like or subscribe to the rhetoric she uses, I agree with most of her perspectives.
I understand what I think is her motivation: the Left is absurdly, unapologetically crass and shamelessly nasty in its approach to political discourse; has no principles that cannot be tossed aside in the pursuit of political expedience; and says things as harsh or harsher than Ann Coulter every day of the world. Having such a low standard set by the opposition, why shouldn’t members of the Right indulge themselves in similar rhetoric if they want to?

Maybe the Left doesn’t like tasting its own medicine, or perhaps it only sees Ann Coulter’s rhetoric as unacceptable, and see its own venomous language as okay. Who knows?
But, as they say, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

So Lefties, get over it.

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TexSport Publications said...

Ann Coulter is only saying what many people feel. She is not only a voice for herself, but for all those who cannot express the same thoughts for fear of reprisals in the workplace, public gatherings, and their own lives.

She has enough clout as not to worry that she will be fired for expressing her views.

I have heard liberal democrats say far worse and never be held to the scrutiny and contempt that she has.

This is proof positive that liberals and conservatives are not held to the same standards. Liberals, for the most part, are given passes on their views and controversial statements.

To read my post about Ann’s appearance on Leno on Wednesday evening, visit We welcome all views and opinions, no matter how ridiculous they are.

Buffalo said...

I found Coulter's rhetoric disgusting and distasteful long before my political compass began shifting to the west.

Rebecca DeVendra said...

I LOVE Ann Coulter; Her rhetoric and intellectual cutlass hit the Liberals where it hurts. She's good at unmasking and simplifying an issue by way of tactical analysis. In fact, she inspired me to start blogging.

And yes, Mr Shott, I will be posting regularly now. At least, I will try.