Friday, April 07, 2006

Muslims Killing Muslims

To us in the Western world Islam is a paradox.

Some call it a religion of peace, yet there is a radical faction of Muslims that murders “infidels,” a broad assortment of billions of innocent men, women and children across the world whose only “sin” is not being Muslim. This they do in the name of their God, Allah. One of the favored weapons is a creature known as the suicide bomber, one who, on the promise of salvation in the hereafter in the company of 72 virgins, kills himself and whomever he may be fortunate enough to take with him.

In the Middle East, where Islam is the dominant culture, Muslims fight amongst themselves, with rival factions murdering each other for who-knows-why: power, mostly, it seems. They even blow up fellow Muslims in their Mosques. While one group of Muslims worships their God, Allah—the God of a religion of peace—another group of Muslims sets about murdering them, all the while praising Allah.

To us, the inferior infidels, Islam seems irrational and out of control. This perception must be okay with so-called "moderate" Muslims, who do nothing to change how they are viewed by 75 percent of the people of the Earth who see them as crazy.

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