Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Circus of the Absurd

I have been thinking, trying to find something more absurd than the idea held by some Mexican illegals that they have the right to tell Americans, whose land millions of them have invaded, that Americans have no right to pass laws regulating immigration and are wrong to tighten control over their borders. And as ridiculous as that situation is I have finally found its equal: It is the idea that some Americans agree with them.

Let’s not forget that there is some faction of Americans ready, willing and able to jump on board every bandwagon, no matter how dumb, dangerous or misguided the issue may be. There is, further, a group of rabble rousers on standby to organize “spontaneous” events to help the rapacious American media tell the rest of us what serious issues need attention. Thus we have the spectacles of the recent past where both illegal Mexican aliens and American citizens have been organized into protests to wave Mexican flags and protest in the best American tradition our government’s attempt to protect its citizens from who-knows-who coming into the country to do who-knows-what.

Waving the Mexican flag is an important element in these “spontaneous” events. Flags are interesting things; they evoke strong feelings. You know how the site of Old Glory waving over the ruins of New York City after September 11 made you well up inside, or how some people get really upset when they see the Confederate flag? Flags evoke strong feelings. Old Glory, our nation’s flag, inspires good feelings; the Confederate flag inspires in some people not-so-good ones. Even though the Confederate flag was the battle flag of Americans fighting for principles they held dear—and contrary to common belief, slavery was NOT one of them—in today’s race-charged, politically correct environment it often conjures up images that some don’t like to think about. Now the event organizers present us the image of illegal aliens waving the flag of a foreign country in the face of Americans as if they have some standing to make demands upon us. What gall. What arrogance. What chutzpah.

But then how much gall, arrogance and chutzpah are required by those Americans who are helping them to put the concerns of illegal aliens above the nation’s concern for security and the rule of law? Or is it something else, like an inability to see the reality and folly of their position?

Gall, arrogance and chutzpah aside, the likely reaction to this circus will not be amnesty for 20 million illegals and a continuation of the sloppy border security we have been treated to lately, because most Americans do not agree with those ideas. Thing are going to change with regard to the border and the illegal alien situation for the best possible reason: A significant majority of the American people wants change.

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