Sunday, March 12, 2006

From the Archives

I was reading through the Observations archives today, and found this comment to a post about rights you don't have titled, Grow Up and Get Over It. Posted by a lady identified only as "Nikki," it reflects an attitude that is in too short supply these days.

Thanks to Nikki for her thoughts.
Sadly, it is too often in society that we want to blame someone else for our problems.

I'm fat. It's because I have had a crappy childhood and cramming food into my mouth is how I handle it. (Maybe I should sue my parents)

I'm too busy to exercise because I have to work. (Maybe I should sue my employer)

Fast food is just too easy and convenient, and I even think I might be addicted to it. (Maybe I should make an all-encompassing lawsuit to include every fast food place I've ever eaten)

I'm so sick of people who refuse to step up and take responsibility for their actions. There comes a time (can we say “18th birthday,” anyone?) where we have to stop looking at others to fix what is wrong with us and start answering for our own decisions.

We want to be considered adults. We want to make our own choices and live our own lives and be free, but yet, no we don't; we want someone else to take responsibility for us so that we don't have to do that for ourselves.

Granted, I want to say that I am aware that some obesity is caused by medical conditions that can not be controlled; I do not aim this at you in anyway.

For the rest of you "obese" people, get off the couch and take a freaking walk, pass the McDonald's or Burger King by your house and when you don't feel like you can go any farther, walk another ten minutes before turning around and heading home.

Snack on celery or other fresh fruits and vegetables rather than that huge bag of potato chips.

Who am I to judge you say? I am one of you. I'm a fat person sick of living in this skin and making an effort to change my life.

You don't want to change, you say? Fine, but shut up about other people calling you out on it.

(Thanks for letting me rant)

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