Friday, February 03, 2006

Where do you live?

I am frequently surprised by where people live who visit my site.

Here is a list from yesterday, with duplicates removed (I hope):

Fort Worth, Texas
Atlanta, Georgia
Princeton, West Virginia
Star City, Arkansas
Kansas City, Kansas
Adelaide, South Australia
Flat Top, West Virginia
Memphis, Tennessee
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Phoenix, Arizona
San Francisco, California
Via Del Mar, Valparaiso
Greendale, Wisconsin
Willoughby, Ohio
Collingswood, New Jersey
Somerville, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Huntsville, Alabama
Greenford, Slough
Excelsior, Minnesota
Vashon, Washington
Medicine Hat, Alberta
Cambridge, Massachusetts
South San Francisco, California
Shawnee, Kansas
Ballwin, Missouri
Sandyford, Dublin, Ireland
Kansas City, Kansas
Jersey City, New Jersey
Springfield, Missouri
Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
Des Plaines, Illinois
Columbus, Ohio
Neu Eller, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Oroville, California
Esmoriz, Aveiro
Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal
Koutoumo, Lakonia
Rock Tavern, New York
Americus, Georgia
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
Los Angeles, California
Dallas, Texas
Hoboken, New Jersey
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Ambridge, Pennsylvania
Houston, Texas
Smithfield, Rhode Island
Novate Milanese, Lombardia
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Seattle, Washington
Franklin, Tennessee
Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Diggins, Missouri
Indianapolis, Indiana
Flat Top, West Virginia
San Diego, California
Randolph, Massachusetts
Burnaby, British Columbia
Bolingbrook, Illinois
Downers Grove, Illinois
Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Port Moody, British Columbia
Yetman, New South Wales
Edmonton, Alberta
Twig, Minnesota
Atlantis, Florida
Hicksville, New York
Livingston, New Jersey
Summit Park, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Port Charlotte, Florida
Rolla, Missouri
Mountain View, California
Calgary, Alberta
Columbus, Georgia


Unknown said...

Mine would be Diggins, Missouri and Star City, AR...

Although, I will concede that I live in neither of those places! However, the systems do suggest that I do...

JL Pagano said...

Dublin, Ireland?

James Shott said...

Brad posted: "However, the systems do suggest that I do..."

I know what you mean. It locates me somewhere several miles west of my actual location.

J.L. Pagano posted: "Dublin, Ireland?"

I assume so, J.L. I just marked and copied the locations and pasted them into the text.

What do you question about that?

Some of these are places I've never heard of.

JL Pagano said...

Not questioning, I must apologise as I did not see Dublin the first time I scanned the list, mea culpa.

James Shott said...

No problem.