Thursday, January 12, 2006

Senatorial Shamelessness

It occurs to me that Samuel Alito earned confirmation to be a Supreme Court Justice on the second day of his hearings. Anyone who can sit through nine hours of Senatorial bloviating and maintain a calm demeanor surely has the right stuff for the job.

The entire process is a disgrace to standards of decency and decorum. It seems to me that a nominee for any position, especially one with as much importance as Justice of the Supreme Court, deserves better treatment than Judge Alito has received at the hands of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. After all, if you have to stoop to innuendo and nit picking to find some way to justify opposing the nomination, you ought to just give up and admit that you’ve got nothing worthy of consideration, cast your negative vote, and leave off the nastiness. The current process is demoralizing for the nominee, and makes the Democrats look petty and silly.

The Democrats keep telling us how important this nomination is. And they are correct. From the liberal point of view, loosing a moderate like Sandra Day O’Connor certainly imperils their ability to enact their agenda, and if her replacement is a straight-shooting, non-activist, their agenda is at risk.

Samuel Alito is that straight-shooting, non-activist. Two days worth of the best the Democrats could muster hasn’t been enough to raise legitimate doubts that Judge Alito is well qualified for the position. All they have succeeded in doing is showing that Judge Alito is not qualified as a liberal, activist jurist, which is what the Democrats want and need.

It’s not sufficient for these desperate people that the American Bar Association has given Judge Alito its highest recommendation for the second time. It’s not enough that the so-called “failure to recuse” in the Vanguard case has been examined and found to be an ethics non-issue. It’s not enough that Judge Alito’s membership and participation in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton has been laid to rest as insignificant, the Democrats are still desperately trying to find something on the man. And if they can’t find anything legitimate, they’ll stoop to use innuendo, distortion, and plain old demagoguery. The harder they try, the worse they look, and the more damage they do, not only to the good Judge, but also to their individual personal reputations and that of their party.

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