Friday, January 13, 2006

More Hypocrisy from the NY Times

"All the news that suits" should be the new motto of The New York Times. And whether you get favorable treatment in the Times' news pages depends upon who you are, not what you did.

To wit:

NY Times: 'Illegal' Spying OK Under Clinton

Last month, when the New York Times revealed to the world that the Bush administration had a top secret National Security Agency program that monitored communications between al Qaeda terrorists and their U.S.-based agents, it strongly condemned the operation as a dangerous and possibly illegal invasion of privacy.

However, the Old Gray Lady wasn't nearly as upset over a much broader surveillance program under the Clinton administration, which routinely monitored millions of phone calls between U.S. citizens without a court ordered warrant.

In fact, the paper called the blanket invasion of privacy a "necessity" - even though it was carried out without the justification provided by the 9/11 attacks.

NY Times: 'Illegal' Spying OK Under Clinton

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