Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Little Nostalgia

Every blogger likes to know who's reading him and where links come from and such, so I was investigating those kinds of things today and I came across this comment that I made on the Ottawa IndependentMedia Center site in December of 2004.

The comment was made to a post described as a "summary in pictures of the protests that occurred in Ottawa on November 30th, during the visit of Bush in Canada."

Please Help Us!!
04.12.2004 - 09:55
I beg you to relax your immigration laws to allow those from the United States whose tender psyches have been irreparably harmed by the re-election of George W. Bush, and whose peace-at-any-cost philisophy is at odds with current reality, and whose mindless hatred of President Bush has rendered them incapable of coping any longer with life here in the greatest nation on Earth, to quickly get out of here, and leave true Americans to live without their juvenile and naive influence.

The photos of Ottawa portray a city so beautiful that one would not expect to find the level of idiocy demonstrated by the protesters.

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