Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Carville: Democrats Have a 'Disease'

Like so many, including your truly, have been saying, the Democratic Party is out of touch with America, and if it hopes to get back in the game, substantive changes in thinking and acting are in order. Two heavy-weight Dem operatives agree:

Paul Rodriguez
Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006

Political strategist James Carville believes the Democratic Party "has a disease" that must be rectified –- and soon -– if the party has a chance of gaining back the White House or the Congress.

In an exclusive interview with NewsMax, Carville is touting his latest book, co-authored by CNN's Paul Begala, titled "Take It Back: Our Party, Our Country, Our Future." Both are savvy strategists who helped Bill Clinton earn a come-from-behind victory that brought him from Little Rock, Ark., to the White House in 1992. Later, the pair were architects of Clinton's successful 1996 re-election.

Today, they have changed roles from insider Beltway operatives to pundits who are warning that their party -– today out of power in every branch of the federal government -- needs emergency resuscitation. Surprisingly, both authors argue that the party needs to change its dogmatic thinking on abortion rights, gun control and environmental concerns.

"We think the problem with the party is anatomical," a direct result of outdated beliefs, such as that supporting health care for everyone must also mean support for late-term abortions, Carville tells NewsMax.

Carville: Democrats Have a 'Disease': "Carville: Democrats Have a 'Disease'"

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