Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rewriting History

The Windjammer

I'll make one comment, then shut my flytrap.

The Liberals aren't angry about the first election (GWB) because they actually believe he stole it--they are furious because all their own attempts to steal it fell a few votes short.

They are still harping on the second election (GWB), when they tried to steal the election in Ohio, but their own golden boy said it wasn't true. But those who ignore history (or try to rewrite it to suit their personal opinions) are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. The problem today is magnified because they have duped so many people by their twisting of history.

They still claim that the Third George lied in his message about WMD. He didn't. Neither did the President lie when he said in the same speech that the threat was NOT imminent, but that we could not wait until it became imminent. Neither did Jay Rockefeller when he said the threat was imminent. Those who claim lying in either case ignore the facts.

Clinton had it right when he said on Sept 17, 1998 that Ol' Maddas had already used WMD. It was only a matter of time at that time before Saddam would start using the WMD on others in his neighborhood and beyond.

An analogy and a bit of too-late prognostication: If we had exercised our common sense and buried one Adolf Hitler and most of his cadre in a beer hall in Munich ca 1930, just think how many more Frenchmen there would be today. If the UN had allowed GHWB to go after Saddam in the first setto, think how many more Kurds, Shiia's, Sunni's and Americans there might be today.

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