Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Recent Chaos

Boy, it’s been a busy few days. Saturday, we drove 2+ hours to mother-in-law’s house for a get-together with my wife’s brothers and mom, and those attached to them. Hit the road at 9 a.m., arrived a little after 11, had lunch and enjoyed talking with folks, hit the road again at 2:30, and we were in the driveway just before 5. We went to the 5:30 Christmas Eve service at my wife’s church, which is the one I attend the several times I go each year. After that, it was a quiet eve with son #1, daughter #3 and wife #2 (although she’s #1, if you know what I mean!). We opened a present or two and then called it a day.

Christmas Day was nice: Quiet and uneventful. Visited some folks to deliver booty, then had a really good dinner at home.

Then came Monday. Took Corky—the pooch—to the kennel. My wife really likes it better if we can get a “sitter” for Corky. Honestly, so do I. But the normal sitter was away for the holidays, so we had to settle for the kennel. Corky had a forlorn look on her face when the attendant took her back to her spa. She’s never sure if we are going to come back. We hit the road at 10, headed for the D.C. area to visit daughters #1 and #2 and their families. Traffic on I-77 and I-81 was brutal. It’s a solid six hours. Spent the next two days catching up with everyone. It was nice, but too short. Not enough sleep, either.

This morning, back on the road around 11, which was a good bit later than I intended. Traffic was worse today. Got back to the area right at 5 p.m. and went straight to the kennel. Corky was VERY happy to see us. Got home, unloaded the car, ate dinner, then got the news that my son’s new monitor fritzed out. Off we went to the store to exchange it, but no luck.

Ever since summer my life has been really busy. I hope to get back into regular posting, now that the holidays are over and I have adapted to my new routine that took control of my life back in September.

Happy New Year to all.

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Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you and amd those that are special to you!