Sunday, November 13, 2005

Predictions Of Bush's "Death" Are Premature

Rumors of George Bush’s demise following the election last week are foolish.

Sure, the President is having some problems, but mostly they are of his own making. He has failed to counteract the asinine warbling of Congressional Democrats, who don’t let the facts get in their way to a lynching over the universally accepted intelligence that Iraq had WMD, and he has failed to publicly make a case that the sky is not falling, contrary to the Chicken Little’s in the media and the Democrat Party.

The elections signals very little, if anything. Sure, it would have been better if Republicans had won, or if Californians hadn’t thrown parental responsibility in the trash, but Mr. Bush really had little control over those things. Virginia elected a Democrat to succeed a Democrat, and in New Jersey a stupid campaign tactic by the Republican candidate didn’t help him beat John Corzine. Bush’s fault? I don’t think so.

Mr. Bush has failed to talk convincingly about the importance of the Iraq war, either as an end in itself or as an element in the war on terror, and he hasn’t countered the media’s almost universally negative reporting from Iraq.

He has let gasoline prices take center stage and overshadow a pretty strong economic picture, and he just generally has been taking the beating the press and the Democrats have been handing out.

That had better change soon. I think it will.

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