Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Pot Calls the Kettle Black

In their haste to paint Republicans as corrupt, the Democrats have apparently forgotten that they have committed their own improprieties. I have taken the liberty to list just a few of them for your enlightenment and edification:

  • Senator Herman Talmadge of Georgia punished after his ex-wife produced cash "gifts" he had hidden in an overcoat (1979)
  • Abscam brought the indictment of several Democrats (1980)
  • Mario Biaggi, convicted (1988) in Wedtech scandal of bribery, extortion, racketeering, filing a false tax return, mail fraud, and false financial disclosure; resigned from U.S. House before he could be expelled
  • Speaker of the U.S. House Jim Wright from Texas, forced to resign after ethics committee investigation found dozens of violations of House rules, including alleged improper receipt of $145,000 in gifts by Wright's wife from a Fort Worth developer and large profits from "sale" of Wright's speeches (1989)
  • Anthony Lee Coelho of California resigns from U.S. House for unethical finance practices including "junk bond" deal (1989)
  • Alcee Hastings, federal district court judge impeached (1989) and convicted of soliciting a bribe; subsequently elected (1992) to U.S. House
  • Walter Fauntroy, Delegate to Congress from the District of Columbia, guilty plea regarding lying on financial disclosure form (1995)
  • Walter R. Tucker III of California resigned before bribery conviction (1996)
  • Secretary of Agriculture Michael Espy forced to resign from office despite ultimate acquittal on criminal corruption charges (1998)
  • Bruce Babbitt, Interior Secretary, independent probe (1998-2000) of alleged lying to Congress concerning influence of money in 1995 American Indian tribe casino decision finds no criminally prosecutable perjury by Babbitt
  • Dan Rostenkowski, post office scandal (1994)
  • Henry Cisneros resigns as Housing Secretary and, after lengthy probe that began in 1995, pleads guilty (1999) to lying to the FBI about money he paid former mistress Linda Medlar a.k.a. Linda Jones; later pardoned by President Clinton in 2001
  • Jim Traficant, financial corruption conviction and expulsion from House (2002)

Democrats also took part in the House Banking scandal, and the House Post Office scandal.

To quote the sage: “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

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Unknown said...

Enlightenment and Edification, ehh? hehehe

I have the key that will explain away these and the current problems: There is no true way for a power-hungry zealot or an idiot to be able to serve a movement's larger goals.

These folks you list (spread out over many congresses) plus the many that are in trouble now DO NOT represent the various parties as a whole.

That is, you can't possibly admit that Cunningham or DeLay actually represent a sane interpretation of your political philosophy?

James Shott said...

Well, Brad, of course these folks don't represent an entire party, which is the whole point.

The Democrats would like everyone to believe that because DeLay has been charged, and because Cunningham has pled guilty that the entire GOP is awash in corruption.

By listing a few of the Democrats who also have crossed the line, I intended to show that there is plenty of wrongdoing on both sides of the aisle, and that if the Democrats truly want to press the point, they must admit that their party is also corrupt.

I haven't had the chance yet to look at your new site. I plan to post a piece about the change, hopefully soon. I also want to ask a couple of questions, which I will do through email.

Unknown said...

I bet you are curious as to who is in negotiations (not a solid deal just yet) to buy MMA? heheheheh

James Shott said...

You betcha.

Any clues you are willing to give? Or must it be kept secret.

I said before I was going to email you about it, but I haven't had much time. I wanted to see the new page first.

Anonymous said...

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