Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's Just Sad

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, in a fit of compassion for the dead and displaced in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, went on the offensive today, blaming the Bush administration for what he said was their attempt at “shifting blame.”

“It’s just appalling to see how quickly President Bush and Karl Rove have mobilized a political strategy in their own defense, but simply failed to mobilize a swift response to either keep the people in the Gulf Coast region safe in the first place or aid the victims in the aftermath of the storm,” Mr. Dean said.

What's appalling is how fast Dr. Ready-Fire-Aim is to start politicizing a shocking and horrible disaster. Predicting the likely future, the fastest and loosest lip in town said, “Thousands of people have lost their lives. " Maybe Dr. RFA can follow his own prescription, and allow the rescuers to finish their work and actually count the dead before trying to score political points.

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Anonymous said...
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media girl said...

Yeah, Bush is the real victim here. Love the sentiment. Mighty white of ya.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, poor guy can't even stage a photo op w/out someone raggin on him.

Guy commandeers 50 firemen who want to be out helping people to walk beside him while he surveys the damage:

"As specific orders began arriving to the firefighters in Atlanta, a team of 50 [firefighters] Monday morning quickly was ushered onto a flight headed for Louisiana. The crew's first assignment: to stand beside President Bush as he tours devastated areas."

And why should we feed the hungry when Bush needs his picture taken being the compassionate conservative:

“'We had arrangements to airlift food by helicopter to these folks, and now the food is sitting in trucks because they won’t let helicopters fly,' O’Shea said Friday afternoon.

The food was expected to be in the hands of storm survivors after the president left the devastated region Friday night, he said."

As usual, the Daily Show is where you need to go to get cut through the media filter:

"From "The Daily Show":

Ed Helms: "Jon, today, finally, a ray of hope. Eight days after Katrina came ashore, the federal government has gotten its act together, marshalling all of its resources in a desperate effort to save this beloved, and now beleaguered, president."

Stewart: "President? I thought you were talking about New Orleans."

Helms: "No, that place is [expletive]. But many here believe with quick action, George W. Bush's reputation can still be saved. . . .

"The main thing is, in a very reassuring sight, the federal government has finally brought in the heavy machinery: The Rove.

"Many believe he's the one man who can fix the gaping breach in the president's approval ratings."

Stewart: "But what impact will that have on the actual rescue effort?"

Helms: "The actual rescue effort? What is your obsession with the horrible humanitarian catastrophe?"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shott,
Where do stand on the GOP and presidential investigation into the hurricane response?

Personally, I think we should have an independent investigation, a la the 9/11 commission.

I'm sure that would shut the Dems up once it completely exonerates the president, Chertoff, and "Brownie"