Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bin Laden going to Iraq?

Rumors that Osama bin Laden is headed to Iraq are floating around. He is needed there, some rumors say, to bolster the flagging command of Abu Musab al Zarqawi. Or, another version has it, there will be a Ramadan offensive that bin Laden should personally command. Or, still another says, he will be safer in Iraq than in Afghanistan.

I say the chances are slim to none that bin Laden will go to Iraq. It takes courage to go where the fighting is, and that is something ol’ bin L gets young, impressionable and gullible Muslim boys to do for him. Bin Laden stays as far away from the action as possible, lest he break a nail, or get his head blown off.

Here’s one version of the story.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd say the reason he's not going is that it's logistically impossible. We all know he's wholed up in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Musharaff can't go in b/c he'll face certain revolt.
At the same time Bin Laden can't leave b/c he has the most recognizable face around and a $20 million bounty on his head. He steps out and someone's gonna pick him up or betray him.
As for being too sissy to fight, don't forget he fought the Soviets and then us in Afghanistan.

And I don't want to hear any crap about me sympatizing with him or liking him- I'm just stating the situation.

Anonymous said...

For Shott:


James Shott said...

i e p: Thanks for the URLs. I liked both articles. I'll try to start a discussion on it a little later.

As for bin Laden, it is indeed a long and difficult journey, either by land or water. It's ironic in a way that a man who is supposedly responsible for 9-11 and other terrorist attacks that involve high tech components has to take a car or truck from Afghanistan to Iraq, or take a boat. I picture him riding an ass through the mountains. Just a simple peasant, sort of like the media like to portray him.

Even though his face has been plastered everywhere, and even though there's a price on his head, he apparently has a large group of supporters to protect him. I won't be surprized if he turns up in Iraq, I just doubt that he'll take the chance of either the trip or the possibility that he will be killed or captured in Iraq.

If bin Laden actually fought the Soviets, I'll be amazed. It's not in his profile to actually get involved in the mayhem he directs. I see him as a rich, pampered puppet master, safely pulling the strings from a distance. But I might be wrong.

I'm a little disappointed that you think I would accuse you of sympathizing with bin Laden. Is there something in our past communications that led you to think that? Taking an objective look at bin Laden is no different than my attempts to objectively argue against evolution.

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't think you'd accuse me of siding with him. It was for others who might read and look for a way to attack someone they don't agree with.

OBL ain't goin to Iraq