Saturday, July 02, 2005

Overpopulation seen spawning terrorism

A report released Thursday by the Population Institute links increases in global terrorism to "unprecedented" population growth in the past 50 years.

Speaking at a press briefing, Werner Fornos, president of the Population Institute, said if population growth remains unchecked in certain regions there could be "serious security consequences" for that region and others surrounding it. Yemen, Palestinian territories and Afghanistan, breeding grounds for Islamic terrorists, have some of the highest growth rates in the world, he added.

"Particularly in Palestine, many women turn suicide bombers," Mr. Fornos said. "[Population congestion] leaves young women convinced this is what they need to be active in."

According to the Population Institute report, entitled "Breeding Insecurity: Global Security Implications of Rapid Population Growth," the world's population will increase from 6.5 billion today to 9.1 billion by 2050, with most of the increase occurring in developing countries.

Aside from the security threat, the Population Institute's report highlighted a number of other political crises that could mushroom into global security threats.

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Anonymous said...

This is likely a true finding, but it is a bit late. It reflects what I said in my book, "The Berdine Un-Theory of Evolution and Other Scientific Studies Including Hunting, Fishing and Sex", written in 1991 and published 1992 and now out of print. I even coined a term for the problem, "popullution." The term never caught on, but Boy, the basics of overpopulating sure did.The "maturing" generation of that time discovered the "Era of Good Feeling" from our history and decided to exercise fully what previous generations had only heard about down behind the barn.
In a Pig's Eye! We might have been backward by the standards of the beat generation, but we knew our ABC's. That is why there were more of those young geniusi than you could shake a stick at. It may be too late to complain. It is definitely too late to shut off the source.
Since I don't know how to sign my name other than "anonymous" on the website, I'll print it here. Bill Berdine.