Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Note To Readers

June and July have been very busy and distracting months. I’ve taken a couple of trips, sold a commercial building and emptied it out of literally tons of contents. These activities have been very distracting and while I’ve tried to keep up this site, my efforts have been largely in vain. I haven’t written a true column in a long time.

So, to regular readers and occasional visitors alike, I offer my apology. And I hope to get back up to speed soon.


Unknown said...

Who says you have to have fresh, innovative, throught-provoking posts all of the time!


How about a little T and A from a conservative Bush-Junkie?


Anonymous said...

"T&A, T&A, T&A"

James Shott said...

T&A you want? It's T&A you'll get, by gum!

Thanks for the comments.