Thursday, July 07, 2005

Muslim Mafia

by The Windjammer

The hot news off the cool tube this morning is the bombing of at least seven sites in the major city of the United Kingdom. An Al Qaeda affiliate cell has claimed credit.

It is about time that the civilized world begin calling the perpetrators by their proper name. Maybe if we begin to face facts by telling what they are, a few of us who need desperately to do so will wake up to the fact that they are determined to destroy any and all law-abiding societies.

Muslim Mafia may not be an apt description, but neither were the terms Sicilian or Italian Mafia and Russian Mafia, but they identified the same sort of hoodlums embedded in those societies.

Muslims in general, just as Italians, Sicilians and Russians in general, are decent people. Most have no desire to destroy those who rationally disagree with their philosophies. It is the criminal element inside Islam composed of those who call themselves Muslims and who operate under the guise of religious fervor which is bent on destroying all civilization as the rest of us know it.

The Muslim Mafia has many allies in this country and in others. Some of those may truly have good intentions, but the actions they take actually afford support for the criminal element of Islam.

They have allies in both houses of Congress. All one need do to confirm that hypothesis is to listen to some of the spouting of the members of those "august" bodies. It is unlikely, at least I hope so, that congresspersons would willingly aid and abet such activities as are conducted by the terrorist organizations, but they do so with their support of pork barrel politics and partisan politics which are pushed so far as to be detrimental to the country.

Those who totally oppose development of energy sources which would be the property of or controlled by the United States are also guilty of aiding and abetting. I am sure that is not the aim of some of those groups, but the results are the same as if it were.

This nation is dependent upon petroleum as the primary energy source. It isn’t really, but we have made it so and we are strengthening that position every day. I have read a great deal of information which indicates that a large chunk of the money we have paid to others for oil has gone to support terrorist groups.

There is one particular group which has been pushing for release of detainees held at Gitmo. I believe that to be overt support for the various terrorist groups, all of which have a common objective.

There is considerable support for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. I don’t care what the ethnic background, illegal aliens can afford an excellent cover for persons bent on mayhem.

The hardest part for some of those who think that the Hollywood brains are just that is to accept the fact that the guy in the White House who used to wear pointy boots doesn’t have a head to match his toes. I don’t know how many times he and Tony Blair will have to be proven to have been correct in their assessment of the basic problem for those in the perimeter to quit harping on what they perceive to be WMD and focus on the real WMD’s which are being used against people every day. "People" includes non-military men, women and children, Christians, Jews AND Muslims, as well as any others who happen to be in the wrong place at the right time.

Muslims especially should understand that they are having their religion taken over by hoodlums of the worst kind who are doing that by proclaiming that they are the true believers.

True believers in WHAT?

Their sole objective is to establish a world-wide Mafia that will make the others look like a Sunday School youth group hayride on Saturday night.

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Anonymous said...

The first paragraph contains an error. It was first reported that there were 7 sites. later reports corrected that to 4. That's what I get for trying to scoop everyone else. All I can say is ,"Forgive me."
The (Old) Windjammer