Friday, July 22, 2005

The Left Has Been “Bushed!”

Presented with the opportunity to make his first Supreme Court appointment, replacing a sometimes-activist justice with an originalist by nominating a hard-core conservative judge, and feeding red meat to anxious Democrats whose mouths are watering at the opportunity to once again work the President over, George W. Bush gives them John G. Roberts.

Once again the Democrats have been “Bushed,” which is not the same as being “Borked,” the process the Democrats had been so desperately hoping to execute against the President’s nominee. “Borking” is the process of publicly smearing an otherwise well qualified nominee because the nominee will not ignore the U.S. Constitution and its guidelines in making rulings that have the force of law, which is how the Left goes about jamming down the throats of the American people ideas that they would never approve of through the proper legislative channels created by the Constitution for that purpose.

All the speculation about which of several expected nominees Mr. Bush would name, all the preparation to try to show why that nominee, whichever of those expected nominees the President chose, would be the worst thing since rap music, all down the drain when Mr. Bush once again fooled his enemies by doing something they didn’t expect.

John G. Roberts is by all accounts a decent, honorable man, an excellent judge, a stellar choice. It will be fun to watch as the Left digs deep into its bag of dirt to find some way to make him look like Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, or one of their other favorite villains.

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Anonymous said...

I just read a lefty blog and she said just what I had been thinking. If the libs really fight over this most recent Supreme Court nominee, the best they could do is damage themselves.