Thursday, July 07, 2005

From the Belly of the Beast

From PowerLine:

How is the American left responding to today's terrorist attacks in London? The posters at Democratic Underground represent the heart and soul of the left, and, arguably, of the Democratic Party. Check out this message thread for their views on the latest terrorist outrage. Warning, this is only for those with strong stomachs. The debate is basically between those who think President Bush is only indirectly responsible for the terrorist attacks, and those who think the administration actually carried out the bombings. Like this guy:

I am so cynical... That all I can think is "how convenient" that this happened to take the light off Karl Rove.

I don't think anything is on the "up-and-up" anymore, not even terrorist attacks.

Yes, that's it, all right. The Bush administration is now staging terrorist bombings to distract attention from Karl Rove. Fortunately, however, our leftist friends have their attention riveted firmly on Rove, and they won't be distracted by something as insignificant as terrorist attacks.

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of nuts. The sad thing (or the other sad thing) is that their extreme statements and viewpoints are used to broad brush the entire left of center movement. Anyone who disagrees with the right necessarily agrees with these nutjobs.

Not saying you, Mr. Shott, do this. It's the talking heads. And of course the heads on the right attribute anything that whackjob Dobson says to the entire conservative movement.

OK, now I'm depressed.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of whackos. The sad thing (or the other sad thing) is that comments like these will be siezed upon by the right and used to broad brush anyone left of center. If you don't agree with the right, then you must agree with these leftist nutjobs- no room for nuance.

Of course, the left does this to the right with equal venom. What a depressing time for our nation.

Anonymous said...

Odd. That first message didn't appear when I revisited the site. Now both messages are there.

James Shott said...

I have a friend who sends me columns to post. I got an email from him saying that all of his columns had been removed from the site. I checked and found them all there. Now you have had a similar experience.

The only thing I can think of, from experience with things not appearing when they ought to, is that the computer sometimes uses a cached/saved version of pages, and in order to get the undated version you have to reload/refresh the page.

In any event, thank you for both your comments!!

You are correct that the mentality of the fringes has crept into the more moderate areas of each side. I don't mean the more moderate areas philosophically, but the more moderate areas in terms of their rhetoric.

I try not to fall into using emotional, almost rabid language, although I may not always succeed. If both sides are screaming at each other and calling names, little discussion can take place.

I believe -- predictably, you may say -- that this escalation of language and diminution of true and thoughtful debate is more evident from the Left than from the Right, although examples may be found in both camps.

Anonymous said...

I'll cede that extreme left may be a little more irrational in their rhetoric, but I would attribute that to the fact that the right controls Washington right now, so the left has more to bitch about.

I can't remember where I read this, but it was interesting. The major left blogs are "townhall" style- a blog goes up and hundreds can comment and put in their $.02. Good b/c it gives the masses a voice, but as you (or I guess powerline) have shown many of those voices have a tendency to discredit themselves, and hence, their movement.
The major right blogs, on the other hand (and no offense, but I don't think you qualify), don't allow postings. It's the bloggers thoughts and comments for you to read, but not critique. Bad b/c it only presents one person's views, but good b/c the view doesn't get muddied by the ravings of madmen.

James Shott said...

No offense taken. My blog is pretty run of the mill. I'd like to have the time to really do this well, and if I could make a living at it, that's what I'd do.

I considered having a no comment blog, but decided against it because I wanted to get some feedback. I'm glad I did that, because I've met some great folks through their comments.