Friday, July 01, 2005

Former Swedish hostage claims bounty hunters took care of two kidnappers.

This guy has the right idea. It's about time someone took matters into their own hands, instead of, like the Italians, paying ransom and wringing their hands.

This from Free Republic:

Two down… Yesterday we noted that Ulf Hjertström, the sexagenarian Swede who survived a 67-day kidnapping ordeal in Baghdad, reportedly was paying professional bounty hunters a handsome fee to track down his erstwhile captors. Expressen,
a Swedish tabloid, picked up the story and got in touch with Hjertström to get the lowdown. Hjertström, an oil broker whose career took him to Iraq 25 years ago, makes no bones about the decision to exact revenge on his abductors. “I’ve lived [in Iraq] for a long time. This is how things are done...

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