Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Fighting Fire With Fire

Islamic terrorism is rampant in the world. Prior to 9/11 there were quite a few terrorist activities, several aimed at U.S. targets. Since 9/11, terrorists have targeted Madrid and London. Radical Islamists now stoop to killing fellow Muslims in Iraq who are trying to free themselves of the bonds of Islamic fundamentalism, an ancient and outdated religion/philosophy that enslaves its subjects. This they do in the name of Allah.

The Muslim extremists murder at will, without a care. They are not being held in check, or even actively opposed by their moderate brethren, if any moderate Muslims indeed exist. Islam looks at the world as black and white: Either you are Muslim or you aren’t. If you aren’t, you are fair game. As long as extremist, radical, fundamental Islam is in control, every non-Muslim is a potential target. We, the potential targets of these creatures whom the civilized world left behind centuries ago must fight back to end this threat to our way of life.

Islam is touted as a religion of peace. If so, Muslim terrorists pervert their religion to justify murder. They are cowards. Like pedophiles, they prey on the innocent and those unable to defend themselves. They attack schools, hospitals, buses and trains. They blow up cafes and shops. They cause enormous harm and pain. All in the name of Allah.

Terrorism cannot be tolerated. It must be fought fiercely, or else it will consume us. Its perpetrators must be hunted down and killed. Its supporters must be swiftly and painfully punished. The message must be broadcast far and wide that we will not allow them to succeed, and our actions must back that up.

Pockets of radical Muslims in the U.S. must be wiped out. Their members must be jailed or deported. We cannot condone or permit Islamic radicals inflaming anti-American sentiment within our own borders. This is not about free speech. It is not about freedom of religion.

Our borders with Mexico and Canada must be fortified. Our ports must be made safer. All illegal aliens, regardless of who they are or what they are doing here must be rounded up. Those who are merely here illegally will be deported. Those involved in criminal activity will be jailed. Those involved in terrorist activities should be beheaded.

Nations that support terrorism, or which condone terrorist activities within their borders will be warned that if terrorist planning and training groups are detected within their borders, the U.S. will go in and destroy them. We will apologize in advance for any collateral damage to lives and property, but it is their fault for allowing this activity to go on.

They will also be warned that if a terrorist act is traced to within their borders, their country, or a significant portion of it, will be wiped from the face of the Earth. They may need a demonstration up front to convince them we mean business, to get them motivated to find and destroy terrorist organizations within their borders.

The longer we sit back and make excuses, the more we try to blame ourselves for Muslim extremism’s atrocities, the stronger a foothold the extremists gain, the more numerous they become, and the longer and harder the fight will be to kill them.

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