Monday, July 04, 2005

Canada Releases Triple Sex Murderer After Only Twelve Years In Prison!

Karla Homolka became the symbol of evil in Canada in 1993, when she was convicted of manslaughter and given 12 years for her role in the rapes and murders of Ontario teenagers Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy. The prison term also included time for the 1990 death of her 15-year-old sister, Tammy Homolka, who died Christmas Eve after Homolka held a drug-soaked cloth over her mouth while both she and her husband raped her.

Neither the U.S., nor apparently Canada, has yet learned the lesson about releasing violent sex offenders on the innocent public. Twelve years for three murders is a pitifully inadequate sentence. It does not reflect concern for the good citizens of Canada, who deserve better.

Now the murderous sub-human is afraid for her life. Isn’t it a pity that she gets to feel some of the horror she visited on three people?

One of Homolka’s attorneys said she was in a "state of terror" about her release from a maximum-security prison outside Montreal. "She is paralyzed with fear, completely panicked," the lawyer told the Montreal Gazette. `When I saw her she was in a state of terror, almost in a trance. She cannot conceive of what her life will be like outside."

The lawyer argues that since Homolka's safety cannot be assured by police, the media must be prevented from reporting on her whereabouts to protect her from numerous threats against her life, mostly by Internet bloggers.

Quebec Superior Court Justice Paul-Marcel Bellavance last week rejected a similar plea, saying it violated press freedoms. The lawyer has asked the court to reconsider before his client's release.

I’m sweating bullets trying to work up some sympathy for this animal. It isn’t working. I don’t condone violence, but somehow in cases like this one, I’ll just look the other way and smile if something awful happens to this creature.

Perhaps justice will indeed prevail in the end.


Buffalo said...

Now, Mr. Shott. She didn't mean to be bad. The poor creature has paid for her crime. She should be allowed to live in peace.

James Shott said...

Yes, you are undoubtedly right, Buff. Society is really to blame for her transgressions. Perhaps she was abused as a child. Or maybe she played kid sports back when teams won or lost on their own merits, and that warped her personality.

And, when you think about it, 12 years is a long time for just three murders.

Sarcasm aside, her story is a wild one. There's not enough stupid in the world to explain what she did. She's one evil bitch.

Here's an excerpt from a piece about this woman and her husband: "Karla was obsessed with Paul's happiness. Her greatest fear was that she would not be able to hold onto this wild and thrilling man who was to become her husband. When he would become bored or distracted, she would either do something to excite him or find another person for him to get excited about. Paul harped continually that Tammy was no longer available to him for his sexual pleasure and blamed Karla for causing her death. Karla searched for a replacement for Tammy — someone very young and virginal. Karla knew just the right person, a teenager named Jane, who looked very much like Karla's dead sister, Tammy. Jane would be Karla's wedding gift to Paul."


"After Jane had passed out from the Halcion tablets that Karla had put in her drinks, Karla called Paul over for his surprise gift. He was delighted when he saw how much Jane resembled Tammy. He was a bit concerned that Karla was using the same halothane that killed Tammy to subdue Jane, but Karla convinced him that she was in control of the situation this time around.

"Once they undressed Jane, Paul videotaped Karla as she made love to the sleeping girl. Then Paul took her virginity. With that accomplished and memorialized in the videotape, he moved on to his favorite fun — a brutal kind of anal sex. Jane was so drugged that she did not wake up during the whole ordeal."

If you'd care to read more, go to All For Love

Anonymous said...

Whoo. Great to be back from a long needed vacation.
I'm Bulldog, but have decided to start posting under my new name, in honor of the increasingly course political discourse given so generously by the left and right of this country.

And, to the blog, what a crazy bitch. I only heard about this recently, but my understanding was that her paltry 12 year sentence was the result of a SNAFU- evidence of her deep involvement in the crimes did not surface until after her sentencing, etc.
Now, why Canada couldn't rectify the error, I don't know.
Anyone out there hear something to this effect?

James Shott said...

Welcome back, Bulldog. I've been wondering if I had said something to offend you.

From Wikipedia "The couple was eventually arrested. Homolka and her attorney discussed using the "abused spouse" defense and had dismissed it as impossible. They were then surprised when the Canadian Crown suggested that perhaps Karla was an abused spouse and that they would give her a plea bargain based upon that premise if she could testify against her husband. In exchange for her testimony against her husband the Crown gave her a ten-year prison sentence for two counts of manslaughter. After the plea bargain had been confirmed, and Homolka had begun her sentence, the videotapes were discovered and the full extent of her involvement and participation was revealed."

I don't know Canadian law, but you would think new evidence would open the case up for retrial.

Anonymous said...

That's "i eat puppies" to you, bub

James Shott said...


Old habits are hard to break.

"i eat puppies" it is, from now on.