Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Recent News You May Have Missed

Item 1: NAMBLA, aka the North American Man-Boy Love Association, applauds Michael Jackson’s acquittal.

“We have never had any knowledge of Jackson’s personal life,” the group says in a statement on its Web site, but “the little bully in many of us delighted to point a finger at someone else.”

“What makes Michael Jackson different is that he is comfortable with himself and sees no need to hide his feelings. The hallmark of Jackson’s work is the power of love as a constructive force, even as misery still ravages our world,” adds the group, which seeks to end “the extreme oppression” of men and boys in mutually consensual love relationships.

Item 2: Now that Michael Jackson has been acquitted, publicists for author/researcher Pamela D. Schultz would like to draw attention to her book, “Not Monsters: Analyzing the Stories of Child Molesters.”

Ms. Schultz, who teaches communications at Alfred University in New York, says the King of Pop seems similar to other men she’s studied who were “adolescents in adult bodies” and created environments where “the fine line that separates adoration from abuse” could be stepped over.

The best way to combat the problem of child molestation is to understand the motivation of the molesters, says Ms. Schultz. “When we label child molesters ‘monsters,’ we implicitly give them permission to act out on their impulses,” she says, because without hope for redemption, they have no incentive to control their desires.

Item 3 : Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, 63, of San Jose, Calif. has been arrested for molesting two 12-year-old boys. A search of his bedroom unearthed seven notebooks containing handwritten names of 36,000 boys and codes that appear to indicate how he abused them. Names were filed under “Blond Boys,” “Cute Boys,” and “Boys who say no,” according to police and wire reports.

A California academic who specializes in forensic psychiatry describes Mr. Schwartzmiller’s categorized, cross-indexed records of 36,000 boys as “just monstrous in its proportions.”

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