Monday, May 16, 2005

Women have abortions for "lifestyle reasons"

The following appears on The Drudge Report:

A dramatic rise in repeat abortions has reinforced fears that women are increasingly having terminations for lifestyle reasons. One in three abortions is now carried out on women who have had at least one before, London's Daily Mail reports on Monday.

Figures from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service suggest that women who become pregnant at university or at the start of their careers see abortion as a means of delaying motherhood. Women between 20 and 24 have taken over from teenagers as the largest age group to have terminations, while only one in 100 abortions is carried out solely because of a medical risk to the baby.

It was revealed that one woman from London had six abortions in just 12 months!

Campaigners warned that the emotional and physical risks of abortion were being 'swept under the carpet.' The procedure can make it more difficult for women to ever start a family and many later suffer depression.

Researchers said the trend could be reversed if more support was available for mothers trying to juggle careers and families.

The new figures from the BPAS, Britain's leading abortion provider, reveal that 181,582 terminations were carried out in England and Wales in 2003, a 3.2 per cent increase on the previous year and a 15 per cent rise since 1993.

Among these some 57,241 - 32 per cent - were on women who had already undergone a termination at least once. This is almost a third higher than the 1993 figure.
Many of us who know the U.S. Constitution does not provide a "woman's right to choose" to kill her fetus for whatever reason she deems appropriate said at the time that ruling was made that it was a thinly veiled effort to relieve men and women of the responsibility for their actions.

We believed that someday abortion would plainly be shown to be a convenience, and nothing more.

It appears that that day has arrived.


Buffalo said...

You know how I feel.

James Shott said...

Yes, I know. And I wish I had the power to make you see the error of your ways.

Tara Tainton said...

Freedoms shouldn't be taken away for the majority because a minority is repeatedly irresponsible.

Thanks for sharing the article. :) Fascinating!