Sunday, May 01, 2005

Oooops! I didn't think about that

Congressional and other Democrats are dancing on one leg these days, having shot themselves in the other foot while trying to shoot down Tom DeLay. You remember Mr. DeLay, the Republican leader in the House who has become the target of upstanding Democrats for being a particularly effective leader. The Democrats are upset about Mr. DeLay having been notified by the House Ethics Committee that he had walked along just this side of the border between right and wrong not just once, but three times.

This should serve as a warning to Republicans that just staying on the right side of wrongdoing isn’t good enough. You have to be well this side of the line, or you’re guilty of something. If not actual wrongdoing, well then, it certainly is questionable behavior, and you’d probably better step down from your position, just so things don’t look bad.

In their eagerness to take down Tom DeLay, and with the failure to first assess the likely results of their actions that is so typical of Democrats, they have unleashed intense scrutiny by the media into Congressional travel arrangements and, horrors, a whole passel of Congresspersons are now rushing to file paper work on trips they’ve taken, or to revise previously submitted paper work that contained “errors” in the section where they have to tell who paid for their trip.

Even the prim and proper leader of the Democrat’s DeLay attack, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader, has run into some embarrassing problems explaining about mistakes on her own paper work. She is not the only Democrat with this problem. This is the appropriate time to remind the Democrats of the Biblical admonition to “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Is it still legal to quote the Bible to liberal Democrats?

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