Thursday, April 14, 2005

Marriage Massachusetts style

Two gay male Massachusetts sex offenders serving time for their violent perversities want to get married. To each other! I say let the two perverts marry.

There are potential problems, however. After all, both are dominant types, “macho men” who prey on weak, defenseless victims. What an exciting relationship this might be.

The truth is that these are not real men. Real men do not have to force women to have sex, and wouldn’t anyway. They don’t pick on teenage girls. These are weak, impotent miscreants that deserve to never breathe freely again. They neither deserve, nor have a right to marry each other.

On the bright side, if we allow them to “marry,” maybe one of them will kill the other. There’s a fair chance of that, given their predilection for rough sex, enjoying inflicting pain and instilling fear. Or, if we are really lucky, they’ll kill each other and the world will be relieved of the burden of keeping these two sleaze bags in a way-too-comfortable existence for 20-to-50 years until they die of unnatural causes.

Does that sound a little harsh, a little intolerant, a little EMOTIONAL? Frankly, I don’t give a damn! I’ve had it with these soul-less bastards going around raping and killing innocent little girls. I am disgusted with a legal system that in the name of “understanding” and “compassion” releases these sub-human predators on the public, expecting a feckless requirement that they “register” to protect the public from them. I think a large proportion of the American people shares that disgust.

Today, another Florida teen has been missing for 17 days. Thirty thousand sex offenders live in the state of Florida, and two-dozen live close to this 13-year-old. The good news is that only 800 of the 30,000 are sexual predators, those who have committed violent sexual crimes. Maybe she has met the same fate as nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford at the hands of a convicted sex offender or sexual predator, another macho man, who served a pitiful few years and was then released from custody so he could again prey on young, innocent and powerless females. Three lowlife scumbags living in a trailer a hundred yards from Jessica’s home, protected John Evander Couey, and gave him the opportunity to do unspeakable things to this innocent young girl, and to shortly thereafter murder her. There is the possibility that Jessica was a captive in that trailer when police came calling, looking for the worthless Couey. As of now, those three have not been charged with a crime, despite their obvious role in this heartrending case. I have always had great disdain for the derogatory term “trailer trash.” These three have helped me understand what that really means.

The only good thing about the two boobs in Massachusetts is that they are in jail where they can only harm other miscreants, and perhaps get their just desserts at the hands of Bubba, the Stud Prince of Cellblock A. Creatures like them should have the absolute minimum possible to sustain their miserable lives ﷓ water, food and shelter. That is more than they deserve.


Vitriola said...

I completely understand your anger. I just don't think we should lack 'understanding'for anyone. You never know what horrid things might have happened in the past to people who commit such nasty crimes. Doesn't mean to say I think they shouldn't go to prison, of course.

James Shott said...

Hi, Vitriola, and welcome back. I haven't heard from you in a while.

I don't disagree with you, but I must say that I think one reason so many of these perverts are on the loose is that the U.S. has been far too understanding of violent criminals, and due to that sentimentalism and empathy, we have weakened the system of punishment so that it allows people who are still dangerous back on the streets with no effective system of tracking them, or any effective way to keep them from hurting innocent people.

Understand, yes. Coddle, no. We have failed to recognize that just because criminals have served their time, time which often is far less than deserved, doesn't mean they are rehabilitated and safe to turn loose in society. The recidivism rate for violent criminals is quite high.

Given the choice to be unfair to a convicted violent offender, or to take a chance on him or her committing another violent crime, I'm 199% in favor of being unfair to the criminal. We have to err on the side of protecting people.

Buffalo said...

There are things in this world we don't need to understand. It doesn't matter why someone kidnaps, tortures, rapes and kills a child - or an adult for that matter. The fact they did commit the atrocities is all the understanding we need. Understanding doesn't reanimate a corpse. It doesn't restore innocence to a child. It doesn't give a woman back her dignity and sense of safety.

James Shott said...

You're certainly right, Buffalo, that understanding does nothing to right the wrongs committed.