Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lt. Pantano update

We’ve reported a few times on the situation regarding Lt. Ilario Pantano, the Marine who has been charged with murder in the killing of two Iraqis suspected of being terrorists. Here are the previous posts on this site:

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Here is a new update on Lt. Pantano:

From Defend the Defenders:

Second Lt. Ilario Pantano, the platoon commander charged with pre-meditated murder in the killing of two suspected terrorists in Iraq, is getting the support of a North Carolina congressman.

Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., has sponsored a House resolution supporting Pantano, joined local veterans and others in fund-raising events, written a letter to President Bush asking for his intervention and promises to argue the case if necessary on the congressional floor.

A preliminary hearing for Pantano is set for April 25 at Camp Lejeune. Prosecutors are expected to present evidence supporting their contention the shootings were executions. Pantano faces the death penalty.

Pantano insists he acted in self-defense, certain when he fired that the men were intent on doing him harm.

Go to the Defend the Defenders site to help support Lt. Pantano and all the other brave Americans who are being second-guessed while doing their duty.


JL Pagano said...

This case interests me. I put the name "Pantano" into, and even, and found absolutely nothing. Reuters did a small piece on it back in February.

I would have thought the anti-war left wing media would have jumped at the chance to show that an American soldier was being accused of impropriety. Why do you think they have ignored this issue?

James Shott said...

They didn't ignore it at first. Perhaps because the outcry was so loud at the prospect that soldiers who are risking their lives for their country are being tried in the press, or worse, having their guilt implied in the press, has had an impact.

Buffalo said...

Thanks for the up-date. I had lost track of this very important case.

JL Pagano said...

I will have to do some more digging, since the name does not even appear in the archives of the sites I searched. I'll be back when I'm more informed!!!