Thursday, April 07, 2005

Action on the border

Millions of illegal immigrants stream across the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico unimpeded every year. U.S. authorities capture approximately one in four. The Mexican government is doing nothing to stop its people from coming to the U.S., and in fact encourages illegal immigrants to enter the U.S.

President Bush apparently doesn’t care about this, and in fact may approve of Mexicans coming into the U.S. to work. If he thinks there is a security risk of terrorists coming into the U.S. through Mexico, you can’t tell it by the way he has addressed this problem.

Americans are fed up with this situation. About 80 percent reportedly want something done. A group of citizens calling themselves the Minutemen has dispatched its members along a 20-mile segment of the border in Texas to watch for illegal entrants coming across the border and notify the Border Patrol so that it can arrest the illegal entrants.

President Bush has criticized this effort of American citizens to guard the borders that their government has refused to adequately guard. He called them “vigilantes.” That may have been more a poor choice of language rather than an honest characterization by Mr. Bush of these Americans’ actions. If he truly meant to accuse the Minutemen of vigilantism, that is an outrage.

The ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union, which proclaims its allegiance and dedication to protecting the freedoms guaranteed to Americans by our Constitution, is on the border making sure the American citizens in the Minutemen don’t infringe on the rights of the Mexican criminals illegally entering the U.S.

Question: Could this situation be any more absurd?


Buffalo said...

On The Factor last night it was reported that the Mexican Army was stationed near where the Minutemen are posting their watch. Allegedly the army is redirecting illegals and drug smugglers to easier crossings.

Makes it a little more absurb for me.

James Shott said...

You're right. I also heard on Sean Hannity that the Mexican government spends money it could use to help its people on color brochures instructing illegals on how, when and where to slip into the U.S.

That also makes it more absurd.

mark said...

True; the Mexican government do print brochures (kind of) like that. But basically what they say is how not to die. Don't cross in the desert, don't try to jump the river, don't try to jump onto trains while they're moving, and don't sleep on railway tracks.

Pretty reasonable, really.

Another one, in comic book form, also explains risks and precautions. If people are going to do it anyway, at least they won't die in the process. These leaflets don't make it easier for them to cross the border, it just makes it less likely that they'll die.

James Shott said...

Why wouldn't a responsible government not only publish brochures that discourage its citizens from illegally entering a foreign country, but actively help to prevent it?

mark said...

By their content they do discourage people from trying to enter the US (i.e. highlighting all the risks). But if people are going to do it anyway (and they won't be stopped by the Mexican government saying "don't do that"), they may as be given information so that they don't die in the process. As regards actively helping to prevent it, Mexico has many more important things to spend its money on than stopping people from crossing its northern border and leaving mexico (i.e. health, education, etc).

James Shott said...

Yes, there's nothing like a well-designed color brochure to discourage these people from trying to sneak in, particularly when it includes advice on how to do it without dying.

And if Mexico has too many important things to spend its money on to try to keep its people from chancing death at the border, it likely needs the money for those helpful brochures for those same purposes.

What Mexico needs are a few hundred signs placed at those points where most Mexicans try to crose that say in big red letters, in Spanish, "DANGER! It is illegal and dangerous to enter the U.S. without prior authorization. STAY OUT!"

Instead, they have the Mexican army transporting the illegals to points where the Minutemen are not helping the Border Patrol, and where the Border Patrol usually is not present.

Yes sir, that's a responsible government, all right. You can tell the Vicente Fox is concerned for his people, as well as for the well-being of the U.S.

With friends like that ... well, you know how the rest goes.