Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schiavo, RIP

Trying to find the right thing to say after Terri Schiavo died has been difficult. Here is what someone else has said about her death:

And so at long last, Terri suffers no more. No, not from being in a “persistent vegetative state” since 1990 but instead from being starved to death over a period of thirteen days.

No matter where you stand on this “issue”, whether a conservative, liberal, Republican, or Democrat, no matter if you believe the law was upheld or that the legal system does not work, everyone should be able to agree about one thing: the death Terri Schiavo died was a horrible one.

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Here is another good piece, and here is an excerpt from it:

Terri died today, may God receive her soul and hold her close; give her the peace she deserved.

This story has been one of the most talked about because it became so public. It became public because the two sides (her family versus her husband) couldn't come to terms - this type of situation is handled hundreds of times a day by families all over the world; however, in most cases either everyone is on the same page or there isn't a 'control' issue, which is what I believe this finally came down to.
Here is the rest of this piece.

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