Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Biological weapons: A different view

by The Windjammer

I am not an expert on biological weapons or warfare, but some of my ancestors were. They were on the receiving end. I have Native American ancestry and, believe you me, biological warfare destroyed more of our people than all the firesticks, swords and sharp hatchets combined.

When Columbus landed on Watling Island in the Bahamas (names which hadn’t been coined at the time), he found a relatively peaceful people who were a part of the Arawak linguistic group. Those people were called Tainos (pronounced tie-nose). They soon became extinct.

The Spanish brought with them not only a lust for curry powder and turmeric. The sailors had other things on their minds. They also brought syphilis, syphiloid diseases and smallpox. Those were the real gifts of the "civilized" Europeans who made "first" contact.

When Hernando Cortes finally made contact with the neo-Mayans in Mexico and later with the Aztecs, the "white death" and the "easy death" almost wiped out those populations. Reliable estimates (there is another name for that which I won’t use) placed the Aztec population alone at well more than eleven million. I believe those estimates are well-based. The Spanish would not have had enough of those little wooden boats to carry enough Conquistadores and weaponry to these faraway shores to accomplish that effect with military might.

That biological warfare may have been entirely accidental, although I doubt it. Not all of what followed after the British arrived falls into that category.

The "Americans" (before there was a United States) spread disease against which the natives had no natural immunity among the eastern nations.

The Americans (after there was a United States), particularly the military, deliberately spread disease among our people to expedite military successes.

Reliable estimates which I believe to be quite accurate have placed the population of the North American continent at roughly seventy-five million.

I am now an elder and have been for quite a few years. I have passed the information to as many of my progeny and that of others to as many as will listen. I heard that information from my elders and from others who were furnished the information by their elders of the devastation caused by the biological weaponry. And that is exactly what it was.

It will be impossible for anyone who has no concept of the disastrous effect of biotoxins or chemical agents to convince me that those are not weapons of mass destruction.

They can be delivered with relative ease. Some of those which destroyed so many of my people came disguised as free blankets.

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