Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Inaugural Bawl, Take Two

The Inaugural Bawl is an embarrassing display of partisan politics, lack of self-discipline, whining and moaning, and shameless self-promotion by Democrats or Leftists who are unable to accept that George Bush won re-election by a significant margin. For their foolish action, beneath and beyond the call of duty, these petty people may be earn the Inaugural Bawl Award for performance below the acceptable level of decent human beings.

Barbara Boxer

Questioning Condoleeza Rice about her past involvement in the Bush administration and her future role as Secretary of State is not improper. Using veiled language to call her a liar, and holding up an approval in the Senate that is all but certain is tawdry, cheap, and silly. Senator Barbara Boxer, California Democrat, removed all doubt that she is a petty and petulant Lefty in the confirmation hearing for Condoleeza Rice last week.

For this cheap display of partisan politics, motivated by her inability to accept the results of the election, Barbara Boxer (D- Cal) gets the Inaugural Bawl Award.

John Kerry

Poor John Kerry. He, too, cannot accept the fact that he lost the election. Rather than gracefully return to his role in the Senate, after getting directions on how to find the room, he just had to show his derriere in the confirmation vote of Condoleeza Rice by first stating that she is no doubt qualified, and that President Bush certainly is within his right to choose her for the job, but that he just has to vote against her confirmation.

For his continuing wishy-washy performance, wanting it both ways, and for his sour-grapes performance on the Rice nomination, John Kerry wins the Inaugural Bawl Award.


Daddy said...

Did you understand what Kerry was saying in his dissent. He said something to the effect of....Is she qualified, we'll yes she's qualified, but our votes must count for something.

Whe Kerry and Boxer did was to disgrace themselves even further. Had the shoe been on the other foot, well...

I certainly don't have any problem standing up for Condi. I think she is great.

James Shott said...

It's a desperate attempt to try to become relevant again. On a discussion board I sometimes visit, was an email from Kerry to his supporters in which he said, in part:

"Earlier today, I voted in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee against the nomination of Dr. Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State. This vote is an expression of my determination that we hold the Bush administration accountable."

He thinks by voting against a nominee that he admitted was qualified for the job that he will somehow gain standing to hold the entire administration accountable for policies he disagrees with. Strange logic, that.

He also said:

"But, we've got to remain firm in our insistence that those who create policies that don't work have the courage to admit their mistakes and the wisdom to change course."

When it comes to failing to admit mistakes, John Kerry has a big head start on Condi. And his buddie, Teddy, has a big head start on him.

Her demeanor said "I'm going to be confirmed, you two boobs, so nothing you say is going to shake me up."

I like her, too. She'll be a great Secretary of State.

Unknown said...

I believe in dissent, it is fun... and creates a lively atmosphere...

But the putrid nature of "bad-hair" Boxer's questioning ... I watched her on C-Span... argue like a little whiney cry-baby with Dr. Rice and felt sick to my stomach...

James Shott said...

You are correct, Brad. What Babs and the rest did was something other than dissent.

It was juvenile, petulant and foolish.

But it has come to represent the best that the Democrats have to offer.

Unknown said...

A lot of people have ripped her pretty good on The Washington Journal... Not heard too many support her, other than the typical nutballs...

acidic said...
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