Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Cultural War With Muslims?

Four members of an Egyptian immigrant family were found bound and their throats slit in their Jersey City home recently, and many of the hundreds of mourners gathered at the family's church were chanting for justice and decrying the killings as a crime of religious hatred. However, police would not discuss motives and said they were still searching for clues in the slayings of the family.

According to members of his church and other acquaintances of the father, Hossam Armanious, someone in an Internet chat room, presumably a Muslim, had threatened him with murder during an argument about Christianity and Islam.

Law enforcement officials have said that money had been stolen from the house. Mr. Armanious' pockets had been turned out and his wallet was empty. There was no cash in the house, police said. All that was left was a penny, leaving open the possibility that the murders were related to a robbery.

Officially, it is not known who killed the family, or what the motive was. And it is best not to jump to conclusions in such emotionally charged instances.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t form opinions about the crime, and also use available information to create scenarios based upon possible motives and perpetrators.

The killings are said to be similar to others where the motive was the result of a conflict between Egyptian Coptic Christians, like the Armanious family, and Muslims. And if it is true that a Muslim participant in an Internet discussion threatened Mr. Armanious with death, then there is a legitimate possibility that this was a killing of a Christian family by Muslims. If that is true, then my earlier prediction of a possible full-on war on Christians by Muslims has a little more evidentiary support.

It’s plain that Muslims want to kill Americans, evidenced both by their actions in the 9-11 attacks, in Iraq and other places, as well as by their doctrine that allows the killing of “infidels,” defined as everyone other than Muslims.

If such things as terrorist acts that kill Americans in either large or small numbers, attacks on our soldiers in Iraq and other places, and now -- potentially -- the murders of individuals or families over such small issues as a difference of opinion about religion, then the Muslims are more serious about wiping out the infidels than most of us likely realize.

Some day, and I don’t know how far away that day is, Muslims may themselves become the target of acts of violence, because non-Muslims have been taught by such acts as the Jersey City murders that the Muslim culture is an extremist, murderous, fanatical one.

When people believe that it’s “kill or be killed,” look out.

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