Friday, December 17, 2004

Six years, 400 lawsuits

Wes Pruden had a piece in The Washington Times this past Tuesday about a man who has filed 400 lawsuits against various businesses charging them with violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

This man's story strains belief. Here is a brief excerpt to whet your appetite:

So Jarek Molski, 34, who lost his mobility in a motorcycle accident six years ago, has used the Disabilities Act aggressively, asserting his rights. In fact, Mr. Molski has filed 400 such lawsuits, against restaurants, wineries, bowling alleys, banks and just about any place he thought infringed his right to use the facilities. He has made a living at it.

You can read the entire piece, entitled, In a blue state, a little relief .

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Unknown said...

That is just ridiculous... I think that could make it to the OReilly list!