Saturday, December 18, 2004

Chevy Chase soils both the Kennedy Center and People for the American Way in One Fell Swoop

The phrase “I’m Chevy Chase, and you’re not” probably was never more ascribed to than after the awards ceremony staged by People for the American Way at the Kennedy Center last Wednesday. Even the Hollywood elite were dumbfounded by Chevy’s comments, and running in all directions to distance themselves from his stupid tirade. If Chevy was looking for a way to get his staggering career shocked back to life, no doubt this will be of some help. You know what they say: Even bad publicity is good publicity.

What is it about the beautiful people in Entertainment Land that causes them to believe that what they think about every subject is important and must be voiced? What is it that prohibits them from exercising good judgment and decorum in situations where decorum and good judgment are appropriate?

The answer is that their gigantic, yet sensitive egos survive on the idea that they are special; that the adoring masses will swoon at their every word; that the world needs their guidance if it is to survive these tumultuous times.

Many of these “special” people exhibit juvenile qualities associated with young, spoiled brats. When they don’t get their way, they lose control, and are unable to behave like adults, unable to exercise restraint or self-discipline.

Chevy, in his whining, four year-old, foot stomping, I’m-gonna-hold-my-breath-‘til-I-get-my-way tirade actually offended Norman Lear, founder of People for the American Way, no conservative, who said: "I thought it was utterly untoward, obviously unexpected and unscripted and all that stuff. And, uh - it was Chevy Chase. He'll live with it, I won't." People for the American Way also distanced itself Wednesday from the actor's rant.

Poor Chevy was so upset he didn't return for a curtain call or to savor dessert at the reception after the event. Sources told news agencies that he hurt his back and needed to call it a night by 9. Maybe his yellow streak was acting up. His PR person said Wednesday she was unable to reach him. He’s probably gone into hiding.

Perhaps he is embarrassed. Lord knows he deserves to be. Maybe he’ll do the right thing, and apologize.

Prediction: He won’t. That would be the adult thing to do, something one does when one realizes he’s made a fool of himself, and has embarrassed his host. That’s not Chevy. He imagines himself a hero, in some perverted way. “Boy, I really told him off, didn’t I?”

The election was more than a month ago. Even John Kerry realizes that he lost and George Bush won. But the beautiful people who make up the Hollywood Left can’t get past it. They are still campaigning, claiming massive vote fraud, still fighting a losing battle, still staggering in disbelief that 53 percent of the American voters do not agree with their worldview.

It’s just sad.


Unknown said...

Well, the good thing is... is that this is the United States of America, and our constitution (and its various amendments and, of course, the bill of rights) allows us all the right to share our opinions (no matter how informed they are).

But the bad thing is (for him)... is that there are long-term repercussions for bad decisions...

Case in point: The Dixie Chicks. I will never buy one of their CDs again... because they went about their tirade on foreign soil... in an extremely negatively ineffectual way.

Anonymous said...

and you looked like a complete idiot since the Dixie Chicks were proven right.