Sunday, November 07, 2004

Who voted for Bush and Kerry, according to state average IQs

There was a report after the 2000 election that purported to show that Bush got votes from those states with the lowest average IQ, and that Gore got votes from those states with the highest average IQ.

That report was a hoax, but the question is an interesting one.

I have been unable to find any data of state-by-state (including the District of Columbia) IQ comparisons, except for IQs derived from SAT and/or ACT scores. Not everyone in each state takes the SAT or the ACT, so we have to question the importance of what this really tells us.

It shows Kerry getting the top four IQ states, and Bush getting 12 of the 13 lowest IQ states. Kerry wins D.C., which has the third lowest IQ of all. Otherwise, the distribution in the middle is fairly even.

IQ is reported on a 200-point scale, with 0 having no IQ, 200 having an extraordinarily high IQ, and an average IQ being the median score of 100.

Since the highest average IQ is 104, and the lowest average IQ is 94, the “smartest” state and the “least smart” state in this scenario are only 10 points apart. On a 200-point scale, that means the “smartest” and the “least smart” are only 5 percent apart, which isn’t really horribly significant, in terms of intelligence.

Here is the breakdown of voting by state, ranked by IQ according to SAT and ACT scores:

104 IQ
New Hampshire - K

103 IQ
Oregon - K
Massachusetts - K
Wisconsin - K

102 IQ
Colorado - B
Connecticut - K
Illinois - K
Iowa - B
Kansas - B
Minnesota - K
Montana - K
Nebraska - K
North Dakota - B
Oklahoma - B
Vermont - K
Washington - K

101 IQ
Alaska - B
Maryland - K
Michigan - K
Missouri - K
New York - K
Ohio - B
Utah - B
Wyoming - B

100 IQ
Arizona - B
California - K
Idaho - B
Maine - K
Nevada - B
New Jersey - K
Pennsylvania - K
Rhode Island - K
South Dakota - B
Virginia - B
West Virginia - B

99 IQ
Delaware - K
Hawaii - K
Indiana - B

98 IQ
Florida - B
Arkansas - B

97 IQ
Alabama - B
Georgia - B
Kentucky - B
Louisiana - B
North Carolina - B
Tennessee - B
Texas - B

96 IQ
New Mexico - B

95 IQ
District of Columbia - K

94 IQ
Mississippi - B
South Carolina - B


Anonymous said...

HEY....I'm from SC and MY IQ is substantially HIGHER than either Bush's(Jr or Sr) and ranks a bit lower than the LOWEST Democrat. But then.....I can see through the smokescreen of bogus moral values and the lies, deceit, greed and hunger for power that the right wingers see as positive values and see the rotting corpse of personal accountability and integrety left by our current political base. I grew up as a Republican and then I learned to think for myself. BTW.....I didn't VOTE for Clinton and REFUSE to vote for the party of corporate cronyism (ie...the GOP)BUT I have voted every federal election and most state vs the apathetic who don't see a reason to vote....If you don't vote.....DON'T Bitch about the results!!!!!!!!!!! I also served in the 'bout you?

James Shott said...

I used to be a liberal, especially on the environment. Then I learned to see through the deadend feel-goodism of the Left that has good intentions but that fails so miserably to successfully deal with the problems it identifies. They inevitibly make situations worse not better.

Left to their own devices, liberals would turn the U.S. into a socialist state whose government would collapse under its own weight. France is substantially down that road, and other European socialist states are on their way.

USAF, 1966-1970