Thursday, November 04, 2004

Seeing through the Democrat fog

The following excerpt is from the blog of Rebecca Harris, a bright and insightful 16 year-old who describes herself as A Conservative White Chick

Reading Becky's thoughts gives us hope for the future.

Victory is sweet

Ah I must say this is a happy day for Americans. (In other words, Republicans.) The GOP has a majority. Bush won re-election. (I’m one proud Ohioan today folks. ) In fact, what makes me happier is that Tom Daschle is OUT. After trying to make un-registered Indians vote I think everyone knew that he was hanging on for dear life. The things Democrats will do to steal the vote is astounding. I’m sure everyone’s heard them screaming about showing your ID before you vote. They don’t like it. They say it’s “intimidation.”

You have to show your ID at an airport.
You have to show your ID when you rent a movie.
You need an ID to drive.
But to vote? No way! That’s intimidating people!


Anonymous said...

in other words, you approve of someone saying that Democrats are not really Americans? Many other conservatives are also calling liberals "the enemy within" -- which is what the Nazis considered the German Jews.

it's immoral to spread hatred such as this, and you should know that.

Anonymous said...

As a good friend of mine said on the subject of Rebecca Harris' blog, thanks for making your party look stupid!

James Shott said...

If understanding what Tom Daschle is all about makes the party look stupid, so be it.