Sunday, November 07, 2004

Presidential IQs

One site derives IQ from SAT scores. Here's how Bush, Kerry and Gore stacked up.

President George W. Bush scored a total of 1206 for an IQ of 124.

John Kerry reportedly got a 1190 SAT score, for an IQ of 122.

Al Gore got 1355 on his SAT, or a 134 IQ.

Other Presidents' IQs:

Washington, Reagan, Ford, Kennedy - 117 or 119

G Bush - 126

Nixon, Carter - 143



Anonymous said...
has Bush' IQ as far lower.....91. their conclusion is based on more than the SATs which we all know were fixed for Jr.
"the studys determined the .....IQs accurate within 5% points.

James Shott said...

Yes, of course. George the Elder fixed not only the SATs, but also hired some guys to do his son's college work so that he would pass and graduate.

No, wait. He bribed all the professors and the Dean to make sure his son graduated.

No, wait. Rather than take a chance on George actually being observed in classes and have people see first-hand that he wasn't college material, he bought a diploma from the college with a huge donation. Instead of naming a building after him, they just gave young George a diploma as if he had graduated from there. I'm sure Yale does this sort of thing all the time for influential people. How else could they generate the endowments they need to survive economically?

I suppose the stories about Al Gore flunking his religion classes and having a GPA of about 2.0 are false, since we know he's far brighter than George W.? "He received one D, one C-minus, two C's, two C-pluses and one B-minus, an effort that placed him in the lower fifth of the class for the second year in a row." - The Washington Post, March 19, 2000

I can understand people not liking Bush or Gore or Kerry or Cheyney, etc. What I can't understand is why they have to make up things to drag down their enemy. The reality is that Bush isn't dumb, Gore isn't dumb, Cheyney isn't dumb and Kerry isn't dumb.

Why not deal honestly with Bush by criticizing his policies and ideas, and leave the false crap out of it?

James Shott said...

And by the way, the Lovenstein Institute is a Left-leaning organization that only pretends to be objective. It is unworthy to be used as a source by any fair-minded individual.

Take a look at GWB's resume, as created by Lovenstein. Do you detect any bias?

If not, you belong on their staff.

Anonymous said...

didn't Carter release HIS IQ and it was substantially HIGHER than your guess-timent! Like 176!!! vs your 143. Being 33 off might make Bush and the GOP rightwingers seem a bit smarter but certianly didn't do anything for the lefties
BTW....l.o is a think tank. Just goes to prove that people WHO CAN THINK tend to be kinda left leaners huh!

James Shott said...

I have no idea what Carter's IQ might actually be, and that wasn't the point anyway. And by the way, it wasn't my estimate, but that of this site

The problem with LI is that it is a Lefty organization. It is heavily biased and is therefore useless as a factual source. Calling it a think tank is a very generous description.

Just goes to prove that people WHO CAN THINK tend to be kinda left leaners huh!

What it actually Lovenstein proves is that Left-leaners are good at distortion and demagoguery.