Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Liberalism Repudiated

This election was, among other things, a repudiation by the American people of liberalism. Disagree? Well, consider the following points:

  • John Kerry, the most liberal Senator, and John Edwards, a liberal Senator who made millions as a trial lawyer, were soundly defeated in an election despite the support of ultra-liberal Senator Ted Kennedy.
  • George W. Bush was handily reelected with numbers in both the popular vote and electoral vote that exceeded the 2000 election.
  • Tom Daschle, Senate minority leader, and one of the leading liberals in Congress, was defeated in a reelection bid after 30 years as an elected official.
  • The Republicans gained seats in both the Senate and House.
  • Republican conservatives were reelected to several Senate and House seats.
  • The increased voter registrations of Democrats were matched by increased voter registrations of Republicans, and this I beleive illustrates that conservatives were determined not to let Democrat initiatives get the better of them.
I believe this is a reflection of the latent conservatism of the American people, who have been patiently giving in to liberal initiatives, a little at a time. They have awakened to the reality of what liberalism is doing to their country, and they have said "Stop."

Now that George Bush no longer has to worry about being reelected, perhaps he will behave as President in a more conservative manner, and address the issues that exist under his administration that make conservatives uncomfortable.

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