Thursday, October 21, 2004

Lady Teresa (pronounced: te-ray’-sa)

Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, continues to open her mouth before engaging her brain. Democrats and other supporters of the Democrat candidate celebrate Lady Teresa’s proclivity for outspokenness as a delightful change from the norm. Whether it is delightful is in the eye of the beholder, and one may rightly imagine that hubby is mortified each time she says something publicly. Pity that she is not as severely skewered for her public utterings as is President Bush.

Lady Teresa’s latest gaff came at the expense of Laura Bush, the President’s wife, about whom Lady Teresa noted that she wasn’t sure Mrs. Bush had ever had a “real job.” That comment has upset just about every woman in America, both those who have real jobs, and those who don’t.

Several things come to mind:
  • Does Lady Teresa really know what a real job is?
  • Has Lady Teresa ever held a real job?
  • Mrs. Bush was a teacher and a librarian, clearly showing Lady Teresa to be, at best, poorly informed.
  • Doesn’t Lady Teresa realize that such statements reveal the arrogance so typical of the elite?
  • Does Lady Teresa value the hard work that housewives/stay-at-home-moms do every day so little as to refer to that as not being a real job?

As entertaining as the blunders are to some of us, and as irritating as they are to others, they surely are illuminating, allowing us to see through the campaign muck and get a good look at who these people are who want to lead us for the next four or eight years.

John and Lady Teresa are people of leisure, born to the easy life, socially and culturally stationed well above the rest of us normal Americans. In their insufferable arrogance they come down to our level to tell us how they will help us live our miserable lives a little better, pandering to our baser instincts, reinforcing the growing perception that each of us is a victim of Big Bad Republicans and Selfish Big Businesses, and promising government programs to save us from them and ourselves.

If John Kerry wins next month’s election, or if the Democrats are successful in their efforts to overturn a Bush victory in the courts, God help us.

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