Thursday, October 07, 2004

Found This On A Bulletin Board

Posted on Capital Grilling by Cazadore Bolivares, today.


I think you folks are right. Ignore the warnings of possible terrorists acts at what is a critical and strategically important time in the U.S. -- a Presidential election -- and just go on with your life as if 9-11 hadn't ever occurred. That's what John Kerry does, and why shouldn't you followers do likewise?

After all, it would be irresponsible for the President of the U.S., or those in his administration, to warn the populace of a potential terrorist attack. Just leave them alone to enjoy their pathetic lives.

Who would want to attack the U.S. near the election? What could they possibly accomplish? Could they affect our election? Could they defeat Bush/elect Kerry? Probably not. After all, there aren't any terrorists in America. They're all in Iraq, screwing up the nation-building.

No, wait. That can't be right.

If they're all in Iraq, then they can't be here. And if they aren't here, maybe that means Bush is actually making America safer. But that can't be right, because everyone knows that Bush can't do anything right. And besides, how's Halliburton going to profit from that? And if Halliburton doesn't profit, what's the point of Cheney being VP? And if Cheney isn't the VP, who's going to tell Bush what to do? And if there's no one to tell Bush what to do, how will he make decisions?




If Bush can't make decisions, how will America survive? And if America doesn't survive, who gives a shit if Kerry was a candidate or not, and lost the race because the Bush brothers completely disenfranchised the Democrat voters in Florida by killing all the Democrats who control most of the county governments, and Bush won 100% of the vote, hanging chads and all.

Jeez, this is a serious problem.

The damned Republicans have a secret plan to steal the election by making the American people think that there is actually going to be a terrorist attack on the U.S. prior to the election.

No, wait. The Republicans have contracted with Halliburton to get bin Laden to actually attack the U.S. prior to the election so that the American people will be duped into re-electing Bush. But wait. Does bin Laden really want Bush re-elected? For any amount of money?

Or, would he rather have the war hero, John Kerry, as President? Yes, that's it. OBL/UBL would rather have Kerry as President, because he will work to get a coalition of European nations on board before he does anything, and France, Germany and some of the lesser players over there were on the take from Saddam, and won't go along with America regardless of who is President.

But that can't be right, either, because Kerry has assured the American people that he can get the French and Germans to stand with the U.S.

Boy, this is really confusing.

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