Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Election Potpourri

Iraq War

In a desperate effort to discredit the war in Iraq, Democrat candidate John Kerry repeatedly asks the following question: Saddam Hussein did not have a part in the terrorists on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001, so why did we attack Iraq? We attacked Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussein, not because he had a part in the 9/11 attacks, but because of the potential danger he represented.

There is a historical precedent for attacking a faction that didn’t attack us first, and Mr. Kerry, being the authority on war he claims to be, ought to know that. The U.S. entered World War II after the Japanese attacked our Naval base at Pearl Harbor. We went after the Japanese, but we also went after the German forces, even though Hitler had no role in the Pearl Harbor attack.


What’s Good For The Goose …

Democrat candidate John Kerry keeps demanding that President George Bush admit that he’s made mistakes in the planning and aftermath of the Iraq war, and anything/everything else in his administration, and offer an apology. The President has not acceded to Sen. Kerry’s request, and that doesn’t sit well with the Democrats, who then criticize him for not recognizing that he’s made mistakes. He’s arrogant and out of touch, they say.

Sen. Kerry came home from his short but successful tour of duty in Viet Nam and testified before a U.S. Senate committee that he and the other American troops in Viet Nam had committed horrible atrocities on a daily basis. He also met with representatives of the enemy while the war raged on and while American soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen were being held prisoner and being tortured in Vietnamese prison camps. Sen. Kerry has never apologized for his actions.


A Global Test

So what was Democrat candidate John Kerry thinking when he suggested that the U.S. ought to get the world’s support before it takes actions in its own behalf? What he wants to accomplish is to restore the U.S. to a position of honor among the whores and thugs of the international community, whose hackles rise each time the U.S. doesn’t surrender to their way of thinking. President Bush went to the United Nations when he was contemplating invading Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein, but U.N. members, like France and Germany, were unwilling to support the U.S.

President Bush decided to proceed to do what he thought was in the best interest of the nation whose safety is his Constitutional responsibility, despite the lack of international support. Mr. Kerry apparently would stick it out longer, and keep trying to sway uncooperative nations to his way of thinking. The Senator would have us believe that this is well within his capabilities.

But the question is, “How long do you wait?” We have only recently learned the likely reason that France and Germany did not support the President: They were in the bag to Saddam, collecting bribe money diverted from the Oil-for-Food program, money meant to feed hungry Iraqi men, women and children into their national treasuries.

If John Kerry had been President, we’d likely still be waiting for their support.

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