Wednesday, September 29, 2004

On Bush and Kerry

I believe that many/most liberals are blinded to reason by their hatred of George Bush. This appears to be so complete that they take the irrational and totally unsupportable position that everything he says and does is dishonest and self-serving, and is a disaster. A complicit media made up of fellow travelers supports these ideas. These people think so little of their profession, or hate George Bush so much, that they are willing to bastardize their profession to defeat him. They are not honorable people, and they do a great disservice to the nation.They may succeed in helping defeat Bush, and elect Kerry. What a tragedy if someone with no firm political ideas like Kerry is elected because so many people hate Bush, and so many people hate Bush due in no small part to the disgraceful performance of our media. Bush isn’t perfect, but at least you know where he stands, and you can count on him not to change directions with the wind. You may not realize what a great asset that is. 9/28/04

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