Tuesday, September 28, 2004


The use of the term “lie” over the last few years would give great satisfaction to George Orwell, who predicted this loosening and twisting of language. It is evidence of the desperation and low politics of the Left today. Rather than make an honest evaluation of what the other side says, liberals now prefer to say that everyone lied about everything. If I tell you that it is going to rain tomorrow, and it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I didn’t necessarily lie to you. Perhaps I was just wrong. Frequently, perhaps most often, there is just a difference of opinion or of evaluation of circumstances, not lies. This tactic eliminates, or at least severely hampers, useful political discussion. You said earlier that Bush lied about WMD. He didn’t. He, along with most everyone else on Earth, was simply wrong about it. I know of no one who has never lied, or shaded the truth. But to say that Bush (or Clinton, or anyone else) lies all the time avoids the issues. 9/28/04

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